About us

Our company

Procesadora Ganadera Entrerriana S.A. It is a company dedicated to the slaughter of cattle in its own plant in the city of San Jose, province of Entre Rios, Argentina (Establishment No. 1930).

The plant has capacity to slaughter 9,000 animals per month, it has a flexible operation with good variety of products, from traditional vacuum-packed anatomical cuts until cooked canned meats marketed both domestically and abroad.


1954: The building is made by Vizental y Cia S.A.C. I.A.

1980: In this year the building is modified by the same company adding the canning department.

2003: In December this year is purchased by Swift Armour S.A.

2005: In September it is joined the JBS group.

2012: The plant was acquired by Procesadora Ganadera Entrerriana S.A.P.E.M. State-owned

2014 – Today: The plant was acquired by Chinese capital calling Procesadora Ganadera Entrerriana S.A.

The plant

It is a median complete cycle plant, so it includes slaughter beach, deboning and canned food.

Certified to perform tasks with Rite HALAL, HACCP system implemented with the whole process.

The plant and land area reaches the 160,000 m2

Area wells and water tank: 150,000 m2

Effluent treatment lagoons: 250,000 m2

Ground floor space: 27,000 m2

Total area of pens: 4532 m2 (covered)

Number of pens: 26 (1100 heads) Divided into two sections. Animals of direct purchase and auction exhibitions